Angular form validator

Angular form validator is an easy to use, highly customizable front-end validation framework. It can be used to show real-time validation status in form controls. It uses bootstrap styles to provide visual indication of validity of each control addition to a customizable error message. Further it supports overriding the styles with custom implementations.

How to use the library with Bootstrap styles

  • Include the ngFormValidator.x.x.x.x.js
  • Include bootsrap.css or bootsrap.min.css
  • Add ngFormValidator as an angular module dependency

All Validators.

Have a look at all the possibilities with the Angular Form Validator below.

Validate required field.

                        (function() {
var app = angular.module('validatorApp', ['ngFormValidator']);

Validate using variables.

Validation can be enabled or disabled using scope variables, by simply using a variable instead of fixed value.


Validate string length.


Validate number range.


Validate pattern.


Validate email.


Validate url.


Confirm two fields are the same.


Custom validator.


Multiple validators.